Traveling the Trail

Over 130 years ago, my great-great grandparents Joshua Stevens and Elizabeth Kenney spent their honeymoon helping blaze a trail to establish the San Juan Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1879). Our family has traveled the trail several times and taken hundreds of photos. These are some of my favorites photos, compiled for my family, friends and anyone else who has an interest! (It's going to take me awhile to get this site complete, so keep checking back. I'm also planning on some links to full galleries.)

"B is for Blanding" book includes Hole-in-the-Rock

"B is for Blanding" book includes Hole-in-the-Rock
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

San Juan Hill

Below are some photos I took on our trek up San Juan Hill. Copyright 2009 Deniane Kartchner.

The beginning of the hike up the trail.

Close up of the inscription "We Thank Thee Oh God."

Looking down at the inscription "We Thank Thee Oh God."

Wagon tracks.

Hoof holds for the horses.

View looking down on the San Juan River.

Kumen Jones home at the Bluff Fort

It's hard to believe we took a trip to San Juan Hill in November of this year!  There was no snow and the weather was positively "springy"!  In Bluff, before we headed out for the hill, Daddy's suburban broke down, and the men gathered together to fix it.  I thought it was an appropriate adventure to go along with the trip. :) Besides, it gave Joleen more time to get to the moment of San Juan Hill in her book Undaunted, which she brought along to finish at just the exact moment.